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Entries beginning with a number are a continuation of the old Judging Crimes blog, which was long focused on the two meanings of its name: the way crimes are judged in America, and the, uh... occasional defalcations and derelictions of the berobed.

Judging Crimes took a long hiatus for some of the reasons explained here.

Entries beginning with Book 'em! are book reviews and commentaries. No attention is paid to the imperatives of book marketing. As Calvin Trillin once pointed out, the average shelf life of a book in a bookstore falls somewhere between milk and yogurt, but in these days of long-tail online marketing that matters less to everyone, and I don't see why it should matter at all to reviewers. Most posts will be about books that have been around long past the time when yogurt would have solidified.

Other entries will be... well, I'm curious to find out what the others will be.

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Jamie Spencer at Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer is conducting a survey of criminal-law-related blogs.  What Jamie really wants are links to lesser-known blogs, in order to bring them into the fold, or in from the cold, or whatever the appropriate cyberspace analogy might be.  Here's a post explaining the project. 

Jamie made the news recently: "Jamie Spencer, fresh from his Group One victory on Red Evie in the Lockinge, posted another impressive success as Ripples Maid sprinted home in the paddypower.com Handicap at Newbury."  But, I'm sorry to report, not all is well for the ocean-hopping blogger, as this BBC story reveals.  Nice pic, though.

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